IVRS Software Development

IVRS –Interactive Voice Response System

IVRS –Interactive Voice Response System is the technology that is being widely used by various small and big corporates worldwide. Innovatesmind is an IVRS software service provider and development for all large and small business corporations. We render this system with many versions and modules to your organization combined with our quick service, great connection to customers and full details of products and business management. We also provide you with the minute services ranging from automating your telephone system to developing an information delivering system where the user can call a particular phone number and can get the desired information by following a voice prompted menu and operate the menu using a phone number pad


The IVRS Software allows you to take the maximum number of calls without employing any extra manpower and also answers back through recorded voice messages thus making your telephone system automated. IVR System is a software that even saves time in today’s fast growing various business sectors. IVR Development is a telephone interactive voice response program for Windows. This software lets you create an effective info-line, audio-text, or automated phone system solution for your business.

We are very much proficient in developing various types of customized IVRS applications. Experts who are highly qualified, skilled and experienced help in the IVRS Software Development so that the customers are rightly known of the advantages of this software and further also providing an IVR Solution for the problems of many corporates. At Silicon Valley, you are assured of the following:

  • Gives an extra edge to your customer service.
  • Elasticity in work and immediate action
  • Quality and Efficient response from the software.
  • Customization in the software prepared
  • Customized IVRS platform

There are many other fields where you can apply IVRS system to make your system more sophisticated, more accessible and more user’s friendly.

  • Call Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Industries
  • Bussiness,Offices,Banks
  • Real Estates
  • Colleges & Schools

The entire procedure of making use of the IVRS Software shall be explained to you by our experts and any query with regard to the software even after the purchase of this software shall be attended with utmost patience and in a friendly way understandable to you.

Please feel free to send in your enquiries with regard to purchasing / installing the IVRS software by contacting us anytime 24x7.

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