Company Profile

Innovative Driven...Technologically Supported

Innovatesmind is a software development company headquartered in Indore , with office in Gwalior. The cornerstone of the company's outsourcing strategy is a balancing combination of onsite presence and service deli very. Innovatesmind develops custom software solutions based on a range of platforms and technologies, including Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Linux, .Net, J2E E, J2SE, J2ME, Symbian OS, PHP, IOS, Android, Windows Mobile 2003 and other mobile embedded systems.

Our Team

Innovatesmind is proud of its company team. Innovatesmind believes that people are the key for successfully provided high level offshore software development services and more importantl y, an ongoing relationship with our clients. Innovatesmind has a clear policy of empl oying only the very best in their field.

  • IT professionals graduated from the top National universities. Most of them hold MS/B.E degree in technology and scienc e.
  • Number of team members are certified by IT industry leaders such as Microsoft, Sun, O racle, IBM, etc.
  • MBA and PMI for managers
  • Intensive skills and deep knowledge both in IT technology and business areas. Team members are creative thinkers, comfortable with solving complex issues
  • Low personnel turnover rate.
  • High level of experience in English, Ger man.
  • Effective HR policies, collaboration with top technical uni versities and a compelling social package.

Our Vision

  • Integrity - Honesty in how we deal with our clients, each other and with the world.
  • Candor - Be open and upfront in all our conversations. Keep clients updated on the real situation. Deal with situations early; avoid last minute surprises.
  • Service - Seek to empower and enable our clients. Consider oursel ves successful not when we deli ver our client’s final product but when the prod uct is launched and meets success.
  • Kindness - Go the extra mile. Speak the truth with g race. Deliver more than is expected or promised.
  • Competence - Benchmark with the best in the business. Try new and better things. Ne ver rest on laurels. Move out of comfort zones. Keep suggesting new things. Seek to know more.
  • Growth - Success is a journey, not a destination. Seek to multiply/increase what we h ave - wealth, skills, influence, and our clien t’s business.

Innovatesmind History

2008. Foundation of Innovatesmind Technologies - a Indian IT outsourcing software development service provider staffed with experienced mana gement and technical specialists. We were focused on long -term commitments providing our clients with cos t-effective virtual extensions of their IT organizations and pr oviding all stages of a product engineering lifec ycle: from requirements definition, pro ject analysis and planning through software development to QA, trainings and maintenance.

2010. Innovatesmind Technologies , global software Development Company and solutions provides. We staff our teams from one of the richest and deepest IT talen t pools in all of India. More than 70% of our staff have 5 or more years experience in the IT industr y. Our employees are graduates of top universities and research institutions, with advanced degrees in technology and science.